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Arco Isis Sanctuary

Be our Guest

Set the rest of the world aside in this mountaintop sanctuary, overlooking the most magical lake in the world, Lake Atitlan.

Set the rest of the world aside in this mountaintop sanctuary, overlooking the most magical lake in the world, Lake Atitlan – sometimes called “the Mirror of the Gods”.

This peaceful garden sanctuary is close enough to the towns of San Marcos and Tzununa – the hubs on the lake for medicine ceremonies, dances, kirtans, and other conscious events.

That way you get to enjoy all the lake has to offer, while being far enough away to be immersed in a quiet nature retreat.

Come take a personal retreat and experience Lake Atitlan and community living at our peaceful mountain sanctuary. Enjoy 3 meals a day and snacks, and take part in daily/weekly community offerings and events at Arco Isis Sanctuary.

Step into the embrace of Arco Isis Sanctuary and unlock the divine essence within. 🌿🌄🕊️

Awaken your spirit. Find your light at Arco Isis Sanctuary.

Arco Isis hosts yoga teacher trainings, transformational retreats, and private guest residents.

🤍 Peaceful and safe home base while exploring Lake Atitlan

🤍 Healing sanctuary with a sacred energetic container for integration

🤍 Creative retreat for focused inspiration and spaciousness

🤍 Garden sanctuary for deep connection to the earth and immersion in nature

🤍 Sacred mountaintop temple to awaken your visions and dreams

🤍 Personal retreat to slow down, set the world aside, and find peaceful clarity

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of events are included?

We offer a range of events from sound healing, song circles, inner alchemy workshops and daily yoga (just to name a few!). Check out our events page or our facebook for more details.

How long can I stay?

Our residency is open for booking year round. Depending on events and retreats we are hosting some months may have more availability than others. You can enquire as to our availability via whatsapp.

What's the food like?

We serve 3 buffet style vegetarian/vegan meals a day as part of our residency.
We also offer a gluten free option.

Each meal we strive to made free of chemicals and toxins and we always buy from local farmers.

What types of accommodation do you offer?

We have a range of accommodation ranging from dorms, to treehouse rooms, to glamping tents so private and shared rooms. You can see accommodation options on our booking site or message Travis.