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Arco Isis Sanctuary

Transformational Retreat

Transformational Retreat Center and Mountaintop Garden Sanctuary on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Join us in this sacred dance of self-discovery and positive impact on our local community. Let’s walk hand in hand, as we journey towards joy and spiritual growth together.

Peaceful garden sanctuary. We are located on the mountainside overlooking San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

Our mission is to bring joy and transformation to all those who visit us, while also making a positive impact in our local community.

Step into the embrace of Arco Isis Sanctuary and unlock the divine essence within. 🌿🌄🕊️

Come experience Arco Isis Sanctuary.

Arco Isis hosts yoga teacher trainings, transformational retreats, and private guest residents.

Everyone who comes to stay with us on the sacred land here immediately becomes a part of our community and family. Our vibe is of a temple on the mountaintop, with lots of quiet, stillness, peace, and a beautiful immersion in nature, above the hustle and bustle of San Marcos and other lakeside towns.

Arco Isis was originally founded with the intention of being a place to learn about ourselves and the universe. A place to awaken our souls and remember why we came here. To be a candle where people get lit and bring that fire to other places around the world.

Come to our garden sanctuary to slow down, tune in to something deeper, and connect to the earth. Live by the rhythms of nature, the sunrise and sunset, and hear the whispers from within.

Set the world aside and clarify your dreams, visions, and self-identity. Integrate transformational life changes. And experience connection, joy, stillness, and community.

Host your next YTT or transformational retreat with us!

And learn more about staying as a private resident!