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Arco Isis Sanctuary

A Joyful Journey of Discovery!

🌟 Welcome, dear soul, to the enchanting embrace of Arco Isis Sanctuary!

Unveil the Pure Energy of Arco Isis Sanctuary amidst the Enchanting Landscapes of Lake Atitlan!

Embark on a soul-stirring journey of self-discovery, guided by the serene waters and majestic mountains that grace our sacred haven.

Here, within this breathtaking sanctuary, immerse yourself in boundless joy and embrace the vibrant energy that emanates from every corner.

Let the enchanting spirit of Lake Atitlan weave its spell, as you find solace and renewal in this haven of pure magic. 🌿🌄🕊️

Step into the embrace of Arco Isis Sanctuary and unlock the divine essence within. 🌿🌄🕊️

Coming from Guatemala City Airport

For a seamless journey to Arco Isis Sanctuary from Guatemala City Airport, we suggest booking a private transfer.

To reserve your spot, simply reach out to Maira via WhatsApp at +502 5626 1292. Please note that the route may include some bumpy and winding roads, so it’s advisable to bring your favorite travel tunes and enjoy the playful twists and turns! Embrace the enchanting landscapes and soulful energy that await you at our sanctuary of spiritual awakening.

Your joyous adventure begins here!

When you arrive to San Marcos La Laguna

If you’re dropped in San Marcos by your transfer you can walk or take a tuk tuk and ask to be dropped off at “the cemetery, Barrio 2”. This should cost no more than 10-15Q per person.

From here you have a 15-20 minute walk up the hill (be prepared that it’s steep!).

“Follow the blue rocks and arrows up the hill”.

Here is a captivating video taking you from the bustling dock to the serene haven of Arco Isis Sanctuary.

Escorted up the hill to Arco Isis by a Guardian

If you’d prefer to have a guardian accompany you up the hill to Arco Isis, easing your journey and helping carry your bags, we warmly welcome you! Arrivals are accepted between 1pm and 9pm, and the guardian service is available for just 50Q per person, covering the assistance with your bags.

  • Ex. You pay 50Q for one helper carrying one large suitcase
  • Ex. You pay 100Q for two helpers, one carrying a large suitcase and one carrying a large backpack, etc.
  • Ex. You pay only 25Q during the day or 50Q in the evening for an escort who doesn't carry anything.

Please book this assistance

via whatsapp with Travis  and let them know what time you will arrive. You will need to make arrangements for the walk before it gets dark to guarantee a guardian is available.

*100% of the money goes to the locals who help you, please pay them directly. 

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